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New Client Portal Introduction

Introducing LTAS New Client Portal 

We are thrilled to introduce our all-new Client Portal, a secure and user-friendly platform designed to enhance your experience with us. With our Client Portal, you can easily share crucial documents, stay informed about deadlines, engage in real-time communication, and conveniently make payments for our services, all in one centralized location. This portal empowers you with 24/7 access to your account details.


To kick things off, we've adopted an innovative tax software called TaxDome. This secure platform will securely store all documents related to our collaborative work. Don't forget to bookmark this link for future reference, as access to our portal is by invitation only.


Here's your secure Client Portal link:


Should you require additional information about the program, please don't hesitate to contact us at or visit


For added convenience, TaxDome offers a mobile app. You can download it by clicking on the links below:

 iOS App



When launching the mobile application, simply enter your email and password to log in. The app streamlines the document uploading process, making it incredibly easy.


You can also access your portal from any device by visiting our website:, and clicking on the "Client Portal" button located in the top-right corner.


What is TaxDome and Why Should I Use It?


TaxDome is a versatile software solution designed to facilitate seamless communication between us and our clients. Here are some compelling reasons we've chosen to leverage it:

  • Secure and Intuitive Client Portal: TaxDome's user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for all, regardless of tech-savviness.

  • Centralized Hub: Manage electronic document signing, invoice settlements, organizer completion, and contract signing all in one place, eliminating the need to navigate multiple websites.

  • Data Security: Rest easy knowing your personal information is safeguarded. TaxDome features a secure messaging system for real-time communication and data exchange.

  • Task Notifications: Receive timely notifications and access a clear to-do list whenever there's something we need from you.

  • Mobile-Friendly: The client portal is optimized for mobile use, allowing you to access it whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.


How to Get Started

Step 1: Activate Your Account

Open the invitation email and click on the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT link. Then create your password. Enter it twice to confirm, then click SUBMIT.














That's it! You're now ready to use your portal. In the future, simply sign in using your email and password.

Step 2: Review To-Dos

Upon logging in, your dashboard will display important updates, such as unpaid bills, unread messages, pending organizers, and unviewed documents. You'll also find our firm's contact information here.

Step 3: Explore the Main Menu in the Left Sidebar

The left sidebar provides quick navigation to various sections of your portal.


  1. Documents: Upload, e-sign, and download documents prepared for you.

  2. Previous Years Tax Documents: Locate past tax documents by year under "Firm Prepared Documents."

  3. Messages: Communicate with us and respond to our requests.

  4. Organizers: Complete necessary questionnaires for document preparation. New and Existing Clients will need to complete this questionnaire. In the future, our current clients will have the capability to preserve their data and make necessary updates during the same tax year.

  5. Contracts: E-sign custom engagement letters that define our working scope.

  6. Bills and Payments: Pay bills and review payment history (coming soon).

  7. Settings: Add additional users to your account if needed.



















Step 4: Watch a Quick Video Guide

For a visual walkthrough, watch our brief 3-minute video on "How to Start Using TaxDome as a Client" by clicking here.


Need Further Assistance?


If you have any questions or require additional assistance, explore the following resources:


Visit the Client Help Area for detailed instructions on payments, document signing, and more.


Check out the TaxDome Client Academy videos on YouTube for in-depth guidance on using the client portal.

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