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Financial literacy – Children & Young Adults

We live in a time when teaching financial responsibility to children and young adults is increasingly important. Students should be taught how to handle money—both at home and in school. This will help reduce the economic impact of the long-term recession that now grips many communities across the country.

Parents adopt many strategies toward the goal of preparing their children to become independent adults. Whether a young person plans to attend college, start a family, rent an apartment, or just try to evolve an individual identity, he or she must learn how to survive in the real world. Student financial literacy training will prove essential to prepare kids for independently handling their own money.

Financial literacy for students is vital to helping ensure financial wellness for our youth and communities as a whole. The most effective time window for sharing positive personal finance lessons is before students move out on their own. In today’s age, young people need to master this crucial life skill. These skills are invaluable to anyone who desires life success. Let's educate our kids!

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